knollwood pto

The Knollwood Parent Teachers Organization is a non- profit organization which is committed to promoting the welfare of our Knollwood students and bringing the parents, teachers, staff and the community closer together in support of our students’ education.


The PTO helps to build a sense of community by organizing family fun events throughout the year and by producing a yearbook and monthly newsletter. The PTO supports learning by fully funding school-wide assemblies and class trips, such as outings to RVCC theater and planetarium and Jenkinson’s Aquarium. Every student goes on at least one class trip each year at PTO expense.


Naturally the PTO needs to raise money to fund our activities. We remain mindful of just how busy families are nowadays, and we choose our fund raisers carefully. Our primary fundraiser is the annual Walk-A-Thon in October- a great event because every dollar collected stays at Knollwood to benefit our children.


On December 30, 2009 the Knollwood PTO was officially granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service. This means that all donations to the Knollwood PTO are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. We will provide receipts upon request for any donations of cash, goods or services to the PTO. Also, many employers will match Walk-a-thon donations or include the PTO in their charitable giving.


The success of our organization depends on our members and volunteers. So, we encourage you to join and volunteer! There are many opportunities to volunteer both during the day and the evenings. Your children will enjoy seeing you participate, and even a few hours over the course of the year will have a big impact. We throw some great events, and we need your help to make everything go smoothly. We look forward to your continued support and hope to see you at our events throughout the year.




The 2022-2023 P.T.O. Board

Deepna Javan, Co-President
Andrea Blath, Co-President
Alyson Diglio, Vice President
Melissa Muglia, Treasurer
Amy Avitto, Secretary             

Contact us at: [email protected]