Virtual Learning Lesson Plan

Welcome to another exciting marking period of 
Virtual Learning!

In the sidebar,  you can find virtual learning art lessons for each grade level each week.

Virtual Learning Art Instructions

            Starting April 20th, links to Art Lessons will be posted every Monday in each grade level under "Virtual Learning Lesson Plan" in the side bar. 

Students are expected to spend about 30 minutes each week working on their art lesson, choosing at least one option from the grid at the top of each lesson page, as well as the weekly reflective activity at the bottom of the page.

Students are expected to complete their art lesson on the day of the week that they normally have art class. Parents can submit their work by emailing me at Work is due one week from the day your child normally has art.

If your child completes the weekly lesson and is looking for more fun art activities, they can try the Supplemental Virtual Learning Plans, found in my "Useful Links" page.