Leonardis, Jenny

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Leonardis and I am very excited to be working as the Reading Specialist at Knollwood School!

Grade: Reading Specialist
Room: 6A

Contact Information 
Ext: 5837
Email: jleonardis@pway.org

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"Bag of Books"
Please spend 15 minutes reading with your child nightly.  Students may choose books from their "Bag of Books", books from the library or your home. 
 The books in your child's bags are leveled, and selected to meet your child's independent reading ability. (Books will be added/removed each week.)  Please remind your child to take care of these materials, as they are being borrowed from the school.  Your child will also need to remember to bring his/her "Bag of Books" to and from school each day.  We often read and discuss the books so it is very important that they come to and from school every day.  There is also a reading log that needs to be completed by your child and a parent each night to ensure daily reading is happening. Please have your child remember to bring their log back daily. 

Please feel free to contact me between 12:35 pm and 1 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to discuss your child's progress!