Morning Meeting

Morning Meeting

Dear Parents,            

Welcome to Morning Meeting!  This is a time where the class is able to build community, set a positive tone, increase excitement about learning, and improve academic and social skills.

Morning Meeting usually takes between twenty (20) and thirty (30) minutes.  First thing each morning, the children and I gather in the front of the room.  We begin by greeting each other.  Everyday begins with a different greeting. 

Next, we do an activity called Share the News.  I ask the children a question about themselves or things that they like.  The children then think about the question and discuss their answers with a classmate.  This helps students listen carefully, think about what they hear, formulate good questions, and learn about each other.  When your child shares, he/she will have a chance to feel that his/her ideas are valued and that the other children really care about what they have to say.

We then go over our calendar and weather chart.  We discuss the days of the week and check to see if any important events are coming up (birthdays, class trips, and holidays).  Then we graph the day’s weather.  There are four choices: Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, or Snowy.  The children choose the appropriate weather and we review our weather chart.  This helps the children learn graphing skills. 

We end morning meeting with the Freeze Dance.  This is a great game which improves children’s self regulation skills.  The children dance until the music stops or a song says “Freeze”.  While they are dancing they look at a card that shows them which way to freeze.  Later in the year the children will freeze and show me a number or tell me the word family that a certain word belongs to.

Morning Meeting lets the children know every day that school is a safe place where everyone’s feelings and ideas are important.  If you any questions about Morning Meeting feel free to contact me.


Mr. P