High Frequency Words

High Frequency Words

Below please find a list of high frequency words (sight words) that your child should begin to recognize when reading.  Many of the words cannot be sounded out phonetically, but need to be recognized by sight.  Your child will be assessed on these words. 


We read and write many of them each day in class (the, a, to, we, are, go, I).  Please help your child practice reading the list.  You can write them on index cards and play a matching game or put one or two on the refrigerator. 


If they can already read every word, have your child practice spelling the words.

the          a             to            see


you          of            said          my


we           are          with           me


they         have        he           one


go           was          what         do


this          no           too          she


went         so            for          I


on           like          look         come


little         here