Your Child's Birthday!

Birthday treats may be sent in for your child's birthday. If it is afood treat, it should be some thing small that the children may enjoy at snack time. For example, individual cupcakes, munchkins or pretzels.You may drop treats off in the office or in the classroom before theschool day begins. You may also drop them off after school the day before, if that is more convenient.Please let me know a few days ahead of time. Also, please keep in mind that we do have many food allergies, with peanut products being on the top of the list. (even foods that are made in a plant where other peanut products are manufactured are dangerous to those with allergies.) Some parents have found it easier to send in small non edible treats such as pencils, stickers, bubbles etc. Please do not send in any candy. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WITH A NOTE IF YOUR CHILD HAS ANY ALLERGIES.