Classroom Policies

Students will receive Literacy and Math homework Monday through Thursday.  Homework will be posted on the board and students will copy assignments in their agendas.  Please check your child's agenda every day.  In addition, please encourage your child to read at home every day.

Although not graded, homework will be checked and reviewed each day.  If a student fails to complete a homework assignment, he or she will fill out a Missing Homework Form which will need to be signed by an adult at home. The missed assignment will be due the following day.

Home Folders
Every student should have a two-pocket folder to transport homework and notices to and from school.  Please check your child's home folder each day.

Birthdays are important in Room 1 and we look forward to celebrating with our classmates.  If you would like to send in a treat for your child to share on his or her special day, please remember that finger foods  such as cupcakes or donuts work best.  Also, since we have students with allergies, please refrain from sending in foods with peanuts.  If your child has a food allergy, please send in a snack that I can keep in the classroom.