School Supplies Letter

Mr. Jacome’s Third Grade School Supplies


Supplies should be brought in the first day of school and labeled with your child’s name


          ____12 pencils and 2 erasers

**No Mechanical Pencils!

          ____2 or more Glue sticks

          ____A 5-subject notebook – any color (Used for Math, Science & Social Studies)

          ____ 1 pack of scotch tape-

          ____3 Vinyl Double Pocket Folders –Red-Math, Green-Science- Blue Social Studies-

          ____4 dry erase markers and an eraser (an old clean sock works well)-a must

          ____ 1 pack of 3x3 post-it notes

          ____ 2 black or blue pens

          ____ 1 Yellow Vinyl 2-pocket folder for World Language a thin vinyl three prong folder for Spanish

  * Please
DO NOT send in supply cases for your child’s desk.

*To help with sicknesses please bring in small hand sanitizers.

   *Keep in mind - your child will need some supplies replenished mid-year

 *Please send in a container of baby wipes, a box of tissues &/or a box of zip-lock

 Bags (freezer size) and (small size).






*Please put your child’s name on supplies.