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Second Grade

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Dear Second Grade Families,
        Welcome to 2nd grade! Our year is going to be busy, but lots of fun. We will work on learning more skills by building on what you have already learned in kindergarten and first grade. 
         We will work on becoming better readers in Reader's Workshop. Students will work on their reading skills each day in a variety of genres. We will read together as a class, alone, and with buddies. We are going to stretch our reading skills to become better and stronger readers.
          We will also work on our writing skills this year. We will work on writing a story including a beginning, middle, and end. Some of the genres we will cover include personal narratives, expert books, narratives, poetry, and lab reports. We will also work on adding appropriate details to our writing to help engage our readers.
          Math is another important subject in second grade. We will continue to develop our math sense by working on place value and learning how to express numbers in different ways. Addition and subtraction skills will also be worked on this year. Other areas that are covered are time, money, measurement, graphing, and problem solving. You will be doing centers this year as part of our daily math work.
            Finally, we also learn about science and social studies. We learn topics such as plants, landforms, and force and motion in science.  Topics such as communities, being a good citizen, and cultures are covered in social studies.        
            Please remember to read the Friday letter for more information on what we do in class each week, and also check out the homework sheet which comes home every Monday for more information on homework.  Students should bring in a small non-messy snack each day.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. 

Mrs. Srouji