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Phone number: (732) 885-1528 ext.#5805 

Hello Knollwood Families,
     Since we are engaged in a virtual learning experience, you may reach me via email. The lesson plans are available on the district web page, labeled Remote/Virtual Instructional Plan.  A link to a variety of websites is provided to the left of this page, labeled Digital Literacy Website.
     Below are a few tips that you may find to be helpful:
Sight Word Vocabulary- Students may continue reading and spelling the assigned sight word vocabulary. It is recommended to choose three new words at a time. Have your child practice reading a word, spelling the word, repeating the word. Then use the plastic screen or felt, provided in the sight word bag, to spell the word aloud as your child "writes" each letter with his/her finger. Add the new words to the sight word cards that your child has mastered and practice reading them. Reading the sight words with quick recall is the goal!

Make a memory game with the sight words your child has not yet mastered. Write each word on two cards, scramble the cards and place them face down in several rows. Take turns choosing two cards and reading the words. If they match, use the word in a sentence and that player goes again. 

The students were provided with several leveled books in the R.E.D. folder and additional library books in their bag. For a variety of books,
be sure to use the Raz-Kids program.

Think Central for is available for math. Our class has completed lessons up to and including Chapter 8. Practicing/Reviewing those skills will be productive.

Mystery Science is also available for home use. The students love it!

Many organizations/authors/educators are providing free access to educational materials and virtual tours! 

Scholastic is offering access to their magazine at

Specials Schedule

Monday: Gym
Wear sneakers
Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Gym
Wear sneakers
Friday: Digital Lit.