Kinney, Eileen


Welcome to Mrs. Kinney's

Kindergarten Class

Contact Information

Email Address:
Phone number: (732) 885-1528 ext.#5805 
Please leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible. 
For changes in dismissal, please contact our main office. 

Welcome Knollwood Families!  There are exciting things planned for your kindergarteners and I am looking forward to meeting them and getting started. 

Here are a few reminders:
*Please label the inside of the backpack with your child's full name and room 105
*Label a folder with name printed at the top
*Bring a change of clothes to keep at school, packed in a zip-bag
*Pack a small, healthy snack and juice or water 
*Label the outside of the lunchbox with name and room 105
*When ordering lunch, send a note in the folder. This will avoid confusion.
*When cash or a check is sent to school, be sure to label an envelope with your child's name and what the funds are for. Examples: Lunch Money; Book Club Order; Pictures, etc.
An important aspect of our day is dismissal time. Establishing a routine, so that your child knows what to expect, makes the first few weeks of school run smoothly for them. If your child is a bus student, please consider having them ride the bus to and from school starting on the first day. For walker students, please inform your child each morning who will be picking them up at the end of the day. For all changes in dismissal, send a note in the folder and inform the office.
Bus Students from our classroom with be given a clip-on tag to wear at dismissal. It will have the color bus in large print on the front of the tag. It is important to return the tag each day. Place it in your child's folder or in the backpack so that it can be reused each day that it is needed. 
The year will be filled with fascinating facts, investigations, and books galore! Together, we will make this a time to remember.                              

Specials Schedule

Monday: Gym
Wear sneakers
Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Gym
Wear sneakers
Friday: Digital Lit.