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Happy New Year! I can't believe it is 2019! This school year is going by so fast.

Here is what is happening
in room 7.  

In Reader's Workshop the students are building their reading stamina.  Besides building on their stamina the students are studying characters in their books. They are learning about the main character and other characters too. They are rereading to get to know their character even better. 

In Writer's Workshop we have just begun the "Gripping Stories" unit. These are not ordinary stories they have tension and keep the reader wanting more.

 In math the students are working hard adding double digit numbers and they are getting better solving word problems. They love participating in the fun math centers too! 

We are starting the geography unit in Social Studies. The students will have fun reading maps and using a globe. 

Keep reading the weekly classroom newsletter titled "Here's the Scoop in Room 7". This will keep you informed of what is happening weekly in our classroom. 

Stay warm!
Mrs. Soleimani


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